Crystal Drink Bottles - Safe or Not?


So I know this is going to be a controversial topic and everyone will have a different take on this, so to cover my ass below is just advice and should not be used to make decisions about crystal use.

I also do not wish to diss businesses that sell bottles like this. I use to sell bottles like that years ago before I was educated and realised my faults!! This post is just to provide information so that people can make their own decisions about Crystal bottle use. 

I do not recommend ever consuming water that has had crystals in it. Even if it’s a water safe crystal. 

Why? Because crystals are from the Earth! They can contain minerals and metals that aren’t visible to the naked eye which could potentially be toxic when ingested. An example of this is Quartz. Quartz is a water safe crystal, but often contains hematite, even in the smallest amounts that we can’t detect. Hematite is a metal and ingesting traces of it could lead to iron poisoning.  Hematite is different from ingesting actual iron supplements because whilst it is an iron, it is an oxidised iron meaning that it is rusting, and that's what makes it toxic. Obviously the risk is very low, but a low risk is still a risk. 

This is not to say you cannot cleanse crystals in water. You can totally do this with water safe crystals! Just please do not ingest the water that has had the crystals in it, even if it is polished. 

If you want a crystal water bottle, try and purchase one that has the crystals seperate from the water cavity. If you really want one with a crystal touching the water, PLEASE AVOID ones like tigers eye that contain asbestos, most of the crystals ending in 'ite' such as pyrite and malachite, and any that have a high metal content such as lapis lazuli and golden healer quartz.

That’s all from me! I’d love to hear your thoughts about crystals and water. ☺️

Ultimately it is up to the consumer to make the choice if they want a crystal bottle or not!