Rocks For Your Soul
Rocks For Your Soul
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Our roots

Incase you haven't met me before my name is Isabelle Koh or most people call me Issy! My love affair with crystals was born when I was a wee child to which I owe the obsession to my parents who often rewarded me with 'tumbles' for always (not) angelic behaviour with a trip down to our local National Geographic store.

During my teen years this love faded to a quiet dim in the background whilst high school stresses took its place, but engaging in just a few earth science units in university was enough to re-ignite my passion. I embarked on a mission to expand my meagre pile of rocks to the crystal palace I had dreamt of but my shallow university student pockets had other plans for the expense of the Earth's beauties. Out of curiosity, I delved into the world of crystal wholesale only to realise that selling these shiny rocks at a reasonable price could not only expand my collection but dig my way out of university debt.

As such, at just the age of 19, Rocks and Soul was unearthed (sorry I couldn't help myself) in the corner of my parents garage. Little did I know, I would attract the most amazing and supportive customers who I can truly call friends, that, with my furious determination and hard-work, helped my little business bloom. Live sales have been my favourite platform for selling these beautiful crystals as they are full of laughter and fun (we have my lovely partner Harry to thank for that too with his riddles and crystal stories) with a gorgeous community that surrounds me and the company.

I could not be more thankful for those who have supported me throughout my journey and cannot wait to see how Rocks and Soul will grow. 



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